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Working hard is one thing, but working hard with purpose is what separates the good from the great. – Thad Matta


Professional Growth Plan

Focus Areas


Learning Designs

  • improve instructional design 
  1. quantifying different learning designs (flexible PD options)
  2. scenario-based learning
1a. by 10/15/17, read articles posted to my Professional Learning Pinterest folder and reread the Standards for PL and Ky PL Guidance

1b.  by 12/30/17, assemble/create resources that outline how to turn various learning designs (not sit-and-get) into PD credit


2. by 12/30/17, design a scenario-based learning experience and post to an online course hosting site

Research online course sites terms and costs. Review KDE website and other state and national education news to determine possible topics for courses. (Maybe co-design a course w/ Angie? Get classroom footage from her. Legal to use Teaching Channel footage?
–> possible topics:
Video and Teaching (1); Video for Learning (2)
FfT (copyright – I probably need to make this generic and then use KyF explaining the process can be used w/ any rubric) and Professional Growth: planning for effective teaching
Learning-centered conversations: educators having in-depth dialogue (centered on inquiry and asking better questions)
Blended Learning
Instructional Alignment
Youth Services: Design a Rewarding Counseling Program (co-design w/ Betty)
Flexible PD?
Building Community: Improving Your Online Presence & Facilitation Skills
Education & Copyright Laws – digital Citizenship (Link to DDL) –> get DDL cert 

  • improve data analysis and data visualization techniques
  1. assessing progress of professional learning
  2. measuring the impact/effectiveness informal and/or social learning


  1. by 10/15/17, complete Excel training courses to develop skills in collecting and analyzing student data to measure instructional effectiveness (see link in Data folder in Pinterest)
  2. by 12/30/17, read Evaluating Professional Development by Thomas Guskey. 

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