Working hard is one thing, but working hard with purpose is what separates the good from the great. – Thad Matta


Professional Growth Plan

Focus Areas


Learning Designs

  • improve instructional design and implementation
scenario-based learning

aligning professional learning outcomes to engaging experiences that lead to a change in behavior 

by 3/30/17, redesign a learning experience that’s an information dump and make it a scenario-based learning experience. –> completed on 3/17/17; click links above to access before and after designs; read my reflections at No More Dumping and Stop the Burn!

“challenging, realistic practice activity (not a knowledge check)” – Cathy Moore

by 4/15/17, finish reading Design for How People Learn by Julie Dirksen (–> completed on 3-23-17) and Designing Significant Learning Experiences by Dee Fink


  • improve data analysis and data visualization techniques
impact of training

learning outcomes


4-26-17  [possible next steps for this focus area]
– flexible PD options and measuring social learning
– micro learning and micro credentialing as it relates to PD hours
– measuring ROI and PD program evaluations
by 3/30/17, read articles on how to measure the effectiveness of online training (–> completed 4-26-17)

by 4/30/17, read Storytelling with Data by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. —> 3-23-17 signed up to follow her blog

by 5/15/17, outline the best metrics for measuring effectiveness of training (–> completed 4-26-17)

  1. Guskey’s 5 levels of evaluation
  2. Kirkpatrick’s Model
  3. ROI Model
  4. CIPP Model
  5. Success Case Method

ongoing, face-to-face and online training (Lexington Public Library,, etc.)



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