Projects and Products


Project Management

  • Logic Model Design for Equity & Diversity Strategy – I designed this LM when we first began work on the strategy in order to align it to federal requirements.

Strategic Planning

  • Methods for Learning (M4L) Strategy Lead – For a time while I was with the Kentucky Department of Education, I lead a group of individuals who were responsible for various learning methods or learning programs identified as being suitable for closing achievement gaps. As a team lead, I was able to support the team in the creation of the vision for how our strategy would make an impact for struggling learners. I was pleased to organize information, meetings and any other tasks necessary for my team to be successful and in turn make learning more accessible for all kids. You can read more about the M4L Strategy in this overview that I presented on behalf of the team.
  • Professional Learning Co-lead – This link takes you to a presentation that I shared in my division meeting to not only highlight the importance of professional learning to everyone and every initiative but to also outline the specifics of strategic planning through the deliverology model. 


  • Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System (CIITS) Materials Submission Process Team Lead – I was blessed to lead a great group of curriculum experts across the Kentucky Department of Education to determine best practices in the area of identifying high-quality teaching and learning materials so that teachers and leaders would have a process for identifying and improving instructional resources for submission to the system. During the years that I was a part of the CIITS project, the submission process went through several iterations and I’m proud to say that our state process was nationally recognized.
    • National recognition of the process (email)
  • Professional Learning Community (PLC) Organizer/Facilitator & Team Lead – Once I was assigned the task of leading one of the strategy teams for our strategic plan, I began conversations with other strategy leads and soon learned that we all had similar needs as far as learning about the process and how to properly lead the work. At the point I realized I wasn’t the only one who needed help learning this new role and a fellow lead whose strength was in data analysis agreed to join me, I moved forward in organizing a time, place and online resources for all strategy leads who wanted to engage in this community of learners. We met and discussed concerns and how we could support one another as well as periodically inviting  experts in the areas in which we needed support to join us for conversation and learning. 

Communication Skills

  • Portfolio Blog – This link takes you to the reflective writing I’m engaging in through the blog section of my professional portfolio. 
  • M4L Team Meeting Video Archive This is a video of one of the team meetings for the Methods for Learning team which highlights my communication and facilitation skills. I led both face-to-face and online meetings as well as conducting multiple meetings on a single topic/agenda so all team members were able to participate at a time that best fit their schedules. In addition, I’m including a video of a team meeting which took place online and allowed field experts to share needed information with the team.
  • Education and Media Technology Design Portfolio – This portfolio was created to meet the requirements of the master’s certificate program from Full Sail University.
  • Equity and Diversity Informational Flyer – Assembled key information for professional learning and to support shared understanding of the principle of equity in schools
  • Blended Speech Therapy Meeting Archive This video showcases a meeting from an initiative that began after a colleague and I participated in a webinar on the topic of blended (online) special education services. I contacted a local professor I had met at a conference after she and her team presented on the blended learning work done in her district.  Our goal was to determine whether or not blended learning could be an option for speech language pathologists (SLP) to better serve their districts by overcoming the obstacles of time and space encountered when SLPs have large caseloads.
  • YouTube Tutorials – You can find several different types of tutorials that I’ve created and posted to my channel. Here’s a specific example in which I used a screen capture tool to show users how to follow my wiki.
  • Open Space Technology (OST) Reflections – I captured the video and produced the final piece which highlights some of the thoughts and feelings my colleagues had about OST, a new meeting format, that we used for the first time.

Customer Service

  • Emails that highlight satisfied clients and/or colleagues (coming soon –> scan hardcopy artifacts and save in one file on Google Drive)

Research & Development

  • Theoretical Framework – I wrote the following theoretical framework as part of the requirements of a literacy rank 1 course I took at Georgetown College during the spring of 2016 (EDU 516). The framework was based on earlier work in which I based my project on a colleague’s fourth grade class.
  • Article Critique – This article critique was completed for EDU 516.
  • Dialogic Instruction/Academic Discourse – This is a copy of a discussion board post from EDU 516.
  • Flexible Professional Learning (PL) and Professional Development (PD) Hours Redesign – This blog post was written after a conversation I had with a frustrated teacher. After researching both PL and PD options in Kentucky, I wrote this post as a resource for those thinking of alternative ways to engage in PL/PD.
  • CIITS Materials – As part of my work as lead on the CIITS submission process, I had to research and provide guidance on the laws pertaining to copyright as well as provide quick access to other support materials related to the system.

Design & Innovation

  • NGSS MTOC – I am so proud to have supported and collaborated with a Kentucky teacher to design the multi-tool online community concept in which teachers lead teachers through relationships, resources and reflection.
  • SharePoint Staff Directory – Created and maintained the posting and updating of pictures and information related to staff within the office. I also created a YouTube playlist of videos I created to help others learn the process.
  • Academic Continuity Planning Tool – After researching academic continuity, I assembled and submitted a proposal to the lead on the non-traditional instruction project. I proposed this checklist for districts  to use as they design plans for non-traditional instructional options during emergencies, such as snow days, that bring face-to-face delivery to a halt.
  • Instructional Coaching Website – I created the site to use as a place to post resources and blog about various educational topics and issues.

eLearning & Course Development

  • eLearning Facilitator I am a certified online facilitator specializing in building community.
  • CIITS Online Module – As a team member of the CIITS project, I was able to take what I understood about the Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System and design an asynchronous learning opportunity for educators who wanted to learn more about the Instructional Materials Suite section of the CIITS tool. | CIITS Module
  • Blended Learning Course – I co-developed a course for teachers and leaders on blended learning and we posted it to iTunes U.
  • MS Lync Blended Course – I developed an online course to be used in a blended learning experience for my co-workers who were interested in learning more about a newly available technology tool called, Lync.
  • Kentucky Virtual High School (KVHS) Course Evaluation Rubric – Due to my experience and research on the topic of course evaluation and media asset review, I was asked to lead a small team in the development of a rubric to be used with KVHS courses to ensure that the virtual school was purchasing or designing high-quality courses and materials for each course offering.
  • SharePoint & SkyDrive Courses – I created non-facilitated and asynchronous online courses that could be utilized by staff individually or in groups to supplement their ongoing learning of the technology tools available to our office. | SharePoint Course | SkyDrive Course

Presentations & Materials

  • Secondary Principals Presentation – I was asked by a colleague to fill in for her in a technology-based workshop session for middle and high school principals. I decided to develop a session that focused on ways that administrators and leaders can focus conversations with teachers on the learning and not the technology. Technology is designed to support the learning, not lead the design of a learning experience. | Presentation Materials 
  • Blended Learning (BL) – The following link contains the presentation and notes from a conference session I co-presented with a special education teacher from a district that had implemented blended learning.  | Presentation 
  • Digital Learning (DL) – I used the following presentation in part or in it’s entirety at several conferences as it highlighted DL and suggestions on how to design learning experiences with digital tools. | Presentation
  • Kentucky System of Intervention (KSI)/Response to Intervention (RTI) Webinar – This video was created as a final project for the How to Webinar Online Course for which I was a participant. It was created using Wimba conferencing tools inside Blackboard LMS and seems so limited as I look back at it now but it was cutting edge at the time.

Video & Learning

  • Bringing Learning to Life presentation – I presented this session at two KY  conferences  and participants analyzed how video supports standards implementation, provides evidence for school-wide program reviews and promotes student choice and student interest.
  • Silent Film Collaboration – This silent movie was created by Jo Powell and Melissa Ferrell in order to the meet the requirements for the 48 hour challenge in Filmmaking Principles in Education course through Full Sail University.
  • Tech Tips Playlist – I created several videos and put them in this playlist to help my colleagues over the years with various tools.
  • Reflecting on Teaching – The following link will take you to a presentation I developed with our PD360 project lead and shared during an office-wide meeting a few years ago. It focuses attention on how video can be an important tool in the teaching and learning process for teachers. | Presentation Slides 

Coaching & Mentoring

  • Strategic Plan Lead – Due to my success as a strategy lead and leading the strategy lead PLC, I was promoted to one in three plan leads whose role was to support and guide strategy leads to ensure that the strategic process guided the work of the agency.
  • National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) Support – Read more on my service page to see how I supported a local teacher to stay organized as she worked on her NBCT program.
  • Supervised/coached for Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) – I served as a resource teacher to a first year teacher participating in the KTIP program.


  • Visit the service section of my professional portfolio to see some artifacts created outside of work that have supported my friends, family and community.

Creativity & Fun

  • Audio Production – I love the time I spent, during the Spring 2018 semester, supporting students from Mr. Goodlett’s Public Speaking class. In particular, I worked with a small team of three girls to help them polish their final project, a podcast about their efforts to bring anti-bullying speakers to their school. Once the girls recorded an audio file for each section and chose songs from creative commons (Uprising and Serenity), I used Audacity to splice all of it together. We also spent time talking about the need for transcripts to be developed for any audio or video posted online so the hearing impaired can have access. We engaged in an awesome brainstorming session for them to create a title that would hook listeners and they came up w/ Changing Mindsets: Listening to the Truth. I’m so pleased to see how much these shy girls improved their public speaking skills this semester. 🙂
  • Video Production – Most recently, I was videographer and editor on this video project designed to showcase the talent and ministry of a new comedy team.
  • Web Design – This website was created for a couple of friends who are embarking on a new ministry. I used a WordPress template and my own photos. I also manage their social media page on Facebook.
  • Extreme Teaching Makeover Video – This video was created as the final project for a master’s level class.
  • Passion for Learning – During the summer of 2013, I completed the online Education and Media Technology Design program and this portfolio was created to meet the requirements of that master’s certificate from Full Sail University.
  • Online Professional Portfolio & Reflective Blog – Since Mar. 2017, I’ve been working on professional growth through production of this portfolio and reflective writing in the accompanying blog. It’s one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve ever engaged in and it’s challenged me not only through writing but by making choices about which artifacts to include along with succinct descriptions.
  • Podcast Intro – I was playing around with GarageBand to see whether or not I could create my own music to use for a podcast idea I may include with a personal blog I have in development. I was pleased with the result of taking some preset music and making adjustments until I landed on what would work for the podcast. Then, I layered in the voiceover which I recorded directly in GarageBand as well. Very fun little project!
  • Coordinated and Produced a Video Playlist for a Colleague’s Retirement – For a colleague’s retirement, I coordinated and supported others inside and out of the office to create a video clip which I then added to a YouTube playlist which was shown during the retirement party. 
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