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I am so proud to have supported and collaborated with a Kentucky teacher to design the multi-tool online community concept in which teachers lead teachers through relationships, resources and reflection.

Reflecting on Teaching Practices using Video

The following link will take you to a presentation I developed with our PD360 project lead and shared during an office-wide meeting a few years ago. It focuses attention on how video can be an important tool in the teaching and learning process for teachers. | Presentation Slides

Methods for Learning Strategy Lead

For a time while I was with the Kentucky Department of Education, I lead a group of individuals who were responsible for various learning methods or learning programs identified as being suitable for closing achievement gaps. As a team lead, I was able to support the team in the creation of the vision for how our strategy would make an impact for struggling learners. I was pleased to organize information, meetings and any other tasks necessary for my team to be successful and in turn make learning more accessible for all kids. You can read more about the Methods for Learning Strategy in this overview that I presented on behalf of the team.

CIITS Online Module

As a team member of the CIITS project, I was able to take what I understood about the Continuous Instructional Improvement Technology System and design an asynchronous learning opportunity for educators who wanted to learn more about the Instructional Materials Suite section of the CIITS tool. | CIITS Module

Work Samples

To review other products and project details that I’ve been a part of, visit my online resume at


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