The following links are to samples of service work in which I’ve used my skills to support others.

  • Social Media Marketing | I have been so blessed to support Betty Jane Shepherd‘s dreams of  inspirational speaking and writing. I have created social media accounts in twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Google+ which are platforms Ms. Shepherd uses to communicate, network and display her abilities. I am also the videographer and editor of the clips which showcase Ms. Shepherd’s talents on an ongoing basis.
  • NBCT Action Plan | By using Google Sites, I was able to create a website with pages dedicated to specific information about the National Board Certified Teachers process as well as links and other resources that will guide a teacher through the procedures and requirements for completing their certification. After getting the site up and running (but not published – so I can’t share a link here), I shared it with the candidate along with an interactive to-do list (we used the Reminders app since we both have iPhones and can share lists) of tasks and/or activities with corresponding completion dates. This project was designed so the candidate has an areal view of the process and important dates and can access supporting information in a timely fashion.


  • The Love Your Neighbor Project Proposal | After consulting with Ms. Lawson to determine her vision for the project, I was then able to organize and document her vision in a proposal which she used when she presented the idea to her church leaders.
  • Timesheet for Coal Haul | This sample shows how I created an interactive timesheet for a trucker who is paid, not by a set rate per load, but by a percentage of each load and who has documentation he must keep related to each load. In order to maximize his time, we decided that using an online tool he could access from his smart phone would help him keep up with the paperwork throughout the day instead of spending a great deal of time after hours.


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