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I feel like coaching is in your DNA. What is an instructional coach after all but a teacher of teachers? And you ARE a teacher! And much like our students, we teachers are not always receptive to guidance and new ways of doing things. But you are chipping away at that. You ARE making progress—and not just with me. Because of you, I’m actually grateful for the fact that I have so much to learn. My professional conversations with you have kicked me out of my stagnation and complacency as an educator. I feel renewed and ready for the challenging school year ahead. And remember, the success that occurred in Public Speaking was due to your framework. Even when you are not in the room physically, your creative spirit is ever-present and guiding us all. – David Goodlett, English & Drama Teacher, Washington Co. High School

I love Missy’s drive to seek out resources and not just hand them to me. She shows me the most effective way to utilize those resources/activities to best meet the needs of my students. She is able to take any content needed by my special needs learners and accommodate to match my level of expectations for that standard/content and meet the needs of all learners so they can master that standard. Missy is always willing to seek and research best practice for my classroom and get her hands dirty beside me as we create materials or co-teach to make my students and me successful. – Angela Bentley, Teacher, Woodford County Schools – Huntertown Elementary School Teacher of the Year 2016-17

I share with colleagues and friends Melissa’s online portfolio and blog as examples of effective communication. A reflective practitioner, it is evident in her writing that Melissa enjoys the process of learning and values collaborating with others in an open exchange of ideas. Using a variety of media literacy tools, she illustrates her passion and commitment to the pursuit of meaningful learning experiences. I find her blog and many of the resources she recommends useful in my work with educators. – Saundra Hamon, Assistant Division Director of Program Standards retiredworked with Melissa at Kentucky Department of Education

Melissa aided me with a huge project about a year and half ago. The idea was to help some residents in a local mobile home park with repairs. I shared the idea with her and she came up with the name of the project, Love Thy Neighbor Project. She drafted a presentation with the ideas I had along with hers so I could present it to the elders at my church for support. The elders loved the idea and came on board. I personally think the presentation was what won them over. It was a clear plan, with clear goals. She is fabulous! – Betty Lawson, Youth Service Center Coordinator, Franklin Co. Schools

Melissa was a master at researching any topic that our work group needed more information on and always found new and out-of-the-box information. – Bob Fortney, Implementation Specialist for Pearson retired, worked with Melissa at Kentucky Department of Education

Melissa Ferrell has helped me on numerous occasions. I published a memoir last year and she was instrumental in helping me with photos, YouTube video’s, marketing, Facebook, twitter. I cannot say enough about how talented this individual is. Her knowledge of technology is amazing. – Betty Jane Shepherd, Speaker/Author

Melissa is a creative thinker and not afraid to research and spend time preparing for whatever assignment she has been given. She’s thoughtful when working on a project, and she thinks ahead and tries to anticipate the needs of both her co-workers and any project she’s working on. She’s cooperative and very easy to work with; a true collaborative worker. I’ve enjoyed every project we’ve worked on together. – Anne Robbins, eLearning Grant Asst. Director and Consultant retiredworked with Melissa at Kentucky Department of Education

Ms. Ferrell is an outstanding individual who is very skilled in technology, teaching and learning, consulting and working with people. She is a dedicated educator who I recommend without reservation. – Dr. Greg Finkbonner, Executive Staff Advisor at Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justiceworked with Melissa at Kentucky Department of Education

I am happy to recommend Melissa for any position for which she is qualified. In my five years at KDE I have grown to rely on her skills and expertise in educational technology, virtual learning and education of exceptional children. Missy is a dedicated worker who is committed to the improvement of education for all Kentucky students. She adds value to any work group to which she is assigned and is highly regarded by her colleagues. I am always delighted when I have the opportunity to include her in any projects I manage. She would be an asset to any organization. – Sean Elkins, Science Instructional Specialist, worked with Melissa at Kentucky Department of Education

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